Dynamic batches

Here’s a little trick I use to generate dynamic batches, which are batches that are of dynamic size and where products that need to be batched come in a disorganized fashion. Let’s say for instance that we have to batch products in boxes, and each product has a label with the client and each box can contain […]



Tools and templates used to build this website

Since people ask me how I built my website, on this article I will give the tools I used to build it and the services I use for it. Domain To register noorjax.com I used Marcaria. I use this service to register all of the .com domains I have owned in the past. Hosting To host this website,[…]



Tricks to run an optimization with a small number of parameters

It’s generally a good idea to reduce the number of parameters of your optimization problem, and sometimes it feels that your problem needs hundreds of them. But does it? How can you reduce those dimensions without affecting the final solution? And in AnyLogic in particular, using the demo version of the optimization experiment, you are forced to[…]



Create network by code

Let’s go through this simple example that will allow an agent to move through a network, avoiding the use of deprecated constructors in AnyLogic 8.4. Create the network. This network will be necessary for an agent to follow the proper paths from point A to point B. All these functions can be run on startup of Main.[…]



Use in Flowchart as… what?

There is something beginner AnyLogic users take for granted when they build a model. For instance, when using the Process Modeling Library, they use the Agent Type. On the other hand, when they build a model using the Pedestrian Library, they use a pedestrian type. Why? Because it’s there, naturally as part of the whole library. But[…]



Discrete Events Simulation Models – Creativity Exercise

Wether you use AnyLogic, Arena, Simio, FlexSim or any other simulations Software in the market, when you develop a  model using the discrete-events paradigm, you will get access to a number of blocks that you can connect with each other to generate a flow with agents or entities flowing from one block to the next. In AnyLogic[…]



Push vs Pull Protocols

You are developing your discrete events model, and you see your agents moving from one block to the next. Simple right? But have you stopped for a moment to ask yourself why they are even moving? What is that thing that makes them move? If you ask a beginner, the answer will come from pure intuition: “Well,[…]



Job Searching Optimization method for jobless people

In a lower degree compared to my simulation consulting work, I sometimes work as a coach to help jobless people find their dream job. For that I use a methodology I created based on different sources that I compiled for years. This methodology is very similar to the best professional help you can ever get so I[…]



How to ask a good question as a client?

Why should I care about good questions? Sometimes you need to get an answer to a question and you may be in a hurry to get an accurate and helpful response, or you may have little resources to pay for an answer to that question. No matter what the reason is, bad questions result in bad answers[…]



Teach your skills

I remember my first job many many years ago. I was just one month into my career and hit my first moral wall. I had a boss that I thought you can only hear about on legendary myths. I asked her to teach me how to do something she learned in the US in a special certification[…]