An example on the use of Classes vs Agents in AnyLogic

When you are a JAVA developer, it is common to use classes to work with objects. But AnyLogic provides Agents, that are basically predefined classes with several built-in functionalities to work with entities in a simulation model. A beginner user will always use agents because with them it is very easy to define everything graphically. But sometimes […]



Complex configuration before running the simulation

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to generate a complex scenario in the simulation experiment but you have no idea how to do it? There are features in AnyLogic that require the simulation model to be on runtime mode in order to work and will not be available in the simulation experiment configuration[…]



Agent-Based, Discrete-Events and System Dynamics

Before I start, don’t expect me to explain all these methodologies in detail since there is already a lot of material on the web that can help you. Wikipedia is good starting point with the following links if you are interested in the technical details: System Dynamics Discrete Events Agent-Based In business, industrial and socio-economic settings, System[…]