Simulations Engineer

Noorjax Consulting does consulting projects developing simulation models for process improvement, public policy, road traffic, manufacturing, supply chain among others in all kinds of industries. We develop also online courses.

This project started as a freelancing business that now needs to grow and we require help in all aspects of the business as this is a start-up.

You don’t require previous experience, but you need to be willing to learn fast to become an expert in simulation models and reinforcement learning.

This is a remote position so you can work anywhere in the world.

During the first few months, you will be doing the following activities.
– Simulation models using AnyLogic (system dynamics, agent-based and discrete-events)
– Support on the development of simulation and artificial intelligence courses
– Creation of content related to simulations and artificial intelligence
– Test simulation models done by someone else
– Academic research
– Development of algorithms
– Development of AnyLogic libraries using JAVA
– Start-up related activities (marketing, update social media and web, customer service, record and edit videos, writing articles, even looking for legal stuff and supporting the business in all areas)

We are interested in someone who is passionate in simulations and reinforcement learning, and you will be able to develop any project you want on those domains. You will also be able to take any course as long as it’s in line with those topics in order to improve yourself. These courses will be paid for you.
You will also be a pioneer in the development of reinforcement learning projects with simulations using brand new technologies such as Microsoft Bonsai project and PathMind.


– Fluid english
– Decent programming level in any language and willingness to learn java
– Having done at least one simulation model in the past using any software  (i.e. Arena, FlexSim, AnyLogic, Simul8, Vensim, Stella, SIMIO)
– Notions of Reinforcement learning and neural networks. You will need to show proof of your interest in the topic.

If you are interested

Write an email to with your resume, salary expectations and briefly showing proof of your interest in simulations and artificial intelligence.
If you are found suitable for the position, you will receive a business case that you will need to present on an interview.

Application Process

Business Case
Final Interview