The challenge was to build a very flexible model where different office layouts could be designed and added to the model to test its behavior for people entering the office common space and sit at either a hot desk, shared table, or casual seating.

The difficulty of the project was to build one unique model that could fit any office layout.


The solution was built using AnyLogic. The model itself for the movement of employees in the office was built using discrete-events and it was possible to build the layout freely using the same logic. So the user was able to choose in an initial screen what office layout he wanted to use for the simulation and run the simulation with it. It was possible also, following a set of instructions, to build a new office layout in a flexible area in order to have a limitless amount of reorganizations of the office as well as different structures of it.


The project was uniquely a playground to sell different office ideas to companies proving what the best distribution of office positions is in order to optimize the occupancy of the sits in the open office concept. This can be used for offices that are already set, co-working spaces or any kind of open office structure.

Project Features

  • Industry: Office
  • Model: Discrete-Events
  • Duration: 1 Month