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AnyLogic Online Course

Learn AnyLogic from home with this course 100% online

Get access to a complete course to learn Discrete-Events simulations and Agent-Based modeling using AnyLogic. This is the only full structured course online and you can follow it at your own pace. Different prices may apply depending on your country and the type of subscription you choose. This course is supported by The AnyLogic Company itself and is promoted on their blog and on their resources section.

The course includes JAVA for beginners, GIS, 2D and 3D animations, and much more. Click on the button below to get a preview of the course, review the curriculum and enroll.

For a limited time you can use the code 10PERCENTDISC to get a 10% discount on the course.

AnyLogic Private Courses

Accelerate your learning curve

Wether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics, or someone who needs support with a project that is too difficult to handle, I can help you out.

I have done courses using Skype for 1-1 sessions with homework and assignments while also on-site training sessions for up to 22 students at the same time. There is no restriction here. If you have a special interest, we can work with it.

Even though a 3-days AnyLogic training exists and can be found in, I have a more flexible schedule for trainings based on your needs and the industry you work in.

AnyLogic course in Tangerang, Indonesia

AnyLogic Training Topics

  • Agent elements
  • State charts
  • JAVA
  • Process Modeling Library
  • Space markup and GIS
  • Process agents
  • System Dynamics in Vensim
  • System Dynamics in AnyLogic
  • Causal Loop Diagrams
  • Traffic modeling
  • Traffic lights and parkings
  • Special tricks
  • Modeling pedestrians
  • The pedestrian space
  • Special tricks
  • Modeling trains
  • Railroads
  • Special tricks
  • Modeling fluid dynamics
  • Modeling bulk material
  • Special tricks
  • JAVA for AnyLogic
  • Connectivity (DB and Excel)
  • Action Chart applications
  • Real world problems
  • Exercises to improve your skills
  • Multi-Method modeling

AnyLogic Online Fluid Library Course

I have developed a course that is currently online in the well known learning platform Teachable. It is focused on the Fluid Library exclusively and meant for beginners in AnyLogic with some small amount of JAVA content, you can take it if you think you need to improve your skills.

Click here to register to the course online!

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