Tools and templates used to build this website

Since people ask me how I built my website, on this article I will give the tools I used to build it and the services I use for it. Domain To register noorjax.com I used Marcaria. I use this service to register all of the .com domains I have owned in the past. Hosting To host this website, […]



Tricks to run an optimization with a small number of parameters

It’s generally a good idea to reduce the number of parameters of your optimization problem, and sometimes it feels that your problem needs hundreds of them. But does it? How can you reduce those dimensions without affecting the final solution? And in AnyLogic in particular, using the demo version of the optimization experiment, you are forced to[…]



Create network by code

Let’s go through this simple example that will allow an agent to move through a network, avoiding the use of deprecated constructors in AnyLogic 8.4. Create the network. This network will be necessary for an agent to follow the proper paths from point A to point B. All these functions can be run on startup of Main.[…]