How I Work

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I am a freelancer who travels the world while doing what I love: Simulations. Nevertheless I follow a strict process to produce effective results in a very short amount of time.

01. Dig Deep

Professional Consulting

I develop with my client a very clear set of goals and specifications of the objectives of the project.

02. Plan

The Gantt Chart

I conform to the deadline as if my life depended on it. I can’t emphasize this enough. No deliverable will be late.

03. Sprint

The Kanban Board

I use agile methodologies to assure that everything is done effectively, efficiently and timely.

04. Close

Unlimited Reviews

I don’t stop until the client is fully satisfied. This is a customer centric view that is the core of my values.

What services are provided here?

The services provided are equivalent to any consolidated consulting company except that you don’t need to pay for a middle man. By hiring a freelancer you get same or better results, paying less. The services provided are:


  • MultiMethod simulations using AnyLogic
  • System Dynamics simulations using Vensim
  • BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) using ProcessMaker, Camunda or Draw
  • AnyLogic Courses


What kind of simulations?

Even though nowadays we talk about multi-method simulations, there are three paradigms that are the most popular ones in the business simulation world.

This technique mostly used for manufacturing and logistics is the one commonly learned by industrial engineers and used to analyze a system from the perspective of the process. If a process is in place, this is the way to go.


This technique is a general purpose methodology to approach simulations. It is a method that requires a lot of coding and programming. It is used to analyze the individual behavior of the entities that belong to your system.


This technique is used mostly by social science professionals who want to analyze a system from a macro perspective. It is not meant to see small details, but the behavior of the system as a whole, which is very helpful for high-level strategic decisions.

Simulation Modeling

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Available Worldwide

With more years that I can count working remotely with clients from all the continents, I have mastered the art of working independently of the time zone. But I can always travel to your city if required.


What People Say

Felipe not only designed a simulation to my requirements, he patiently worked through iterations as the requirements expanded. He was a consultant on how I might best design the simulation to meet my needs. He would even call me out if I was asking for something unwise, which I appreciated. He took an interest that my project, of which the simulation was only a part, was a success.
Hal K.

General Manager

excellent job, very fast and reliable. responsibility in the times of delivery.
Claudio A.

Felipe provides good quality of work. He started immediately and got the job done faster then promised.
Rob W.

Outstanding experience - Perfectionist approach.
Sahar W.

Extremely efficient and high quality work. Great freelancer
Jose Luis P.


Fantastic freelancer. Always available to contact, with the work being delivered long before the deadline and to a perfect standard!
Max R.

Wonderful experience! Excellent communication, Felipe was available all time and had an open ear for any issues regarding the project. Also some changes regarding the requirements were no problem for him. He was friendly, professional and reliable. He is the best you can get for your job 🙂
Freya L.

Felipe is very knowledgeable of the many intricacies of the Anylogic software. He also managed to interpret a very wide brief and successfully implement all the features that were needed plus the ones that became apparent as we progressed.
Sebastian B.


amazing , skillful and trustworthy guy . perfect work and perfect attitude
Ahmed A.

PHD Student

My Project was a difficult task since the requirements were progressively built and was a challenge to place all the points in the beginning, nevertheless Filipe was easily able to constructively build the simulation model as we moved forward and ended with a great report. I am grateful to get in contact and will always recommend him.
Johnny K.

Felipe did a great job. He is patient. communicate and understand me well. he answered all my questions clearly. the answer was professional.
Maher H.


Fast, smart, understood what was needed. 10/10
Boris G.


Very high quality and also commitment to explain the model clearly to me. Would highly recommend felipe
Kris A.


A good result in a short time! Nice working with you!
Simon H.


Simple Packages

Pick The Best Plan For You

These are simple packages that allow you to get started quickly and evaluate if simulations is the right path for you. Prices are in USD American dollars and may or not include taxes depending on your country and method of payment. An additional monthly retainer of between $500 and $5000 may apply to larger or high value projects.

Hourly Rate

Do you need help for a short period of time, or for only a few hours per week or per day? If this is the case you can take the hourly rate plan. Generally used to solve bugs and ambiguous short projects. Also if you are not sure how much time you need.

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Daily Rate

If you want to develop a full project, with dedicated daily effort. This is generally used for fast-paced projects that are ambiguous in nature or subjected to change constantly, or projects that require more than 5 days per week to complete.

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Monthly Rate

Longer projects that require long-term efforts and dedicated commitment in a fast to medium-pace environment. This price is used when you need to hire a contractor that will work in a similar way an employee would work. This is a standard 5-days-per-week format.

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My Mission

To make models

As a freelancer, I’m doing exactly what I would be doing anyways for free and I want to continue doing it, but I work by following core values that allow me to stay motivated and provide great service: being customer centric, assuming that a missed deadline is game over and learning new things to improve my skills.

AnyLogic Simulations
AnyLogic Courses
Business Process Modeling
System Dynamics using Vensim

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