Using File Chooser in PLE

The File Chooser is only available on the professional version of AnyLogic. But its functionality is very easy to replicate with a little bit of JAVA magic. To illustrate this, I will create this example using a normal button on the Simulation Graphical Editor (before running the simulation) in order to select an Excel file and make […]



Test your model!!!

You just built a model, everything works perfectly well and suddenly you have a request for a change (minor or major). You make the change; run the model and things look good. But how can you be sure that the model is working well in all possible cases? The larger the model, the more difficult it is[…]



An example on the use of Classes vs Agents in AnyLogic

When you are a JAVA developer, it is common to use classes to work with objects. But AnyLogic provides Agents, that are basically predefined classes with several built-in functionalities to work with entities in a simulation model. A beginner user will always use agents because with them it is very easy to define everything graphically. But sometimes[…]