AnyLogic Contest #1- Bulk Transportation

Bulkdozer Transportation – AnyLogic Contest The AnyLogic contest #1 is over and we are pleased to announce the winners Emile Zankoul and Pavel Lelis who won $100 usd each. The models they created can be found here for Pavel: https://lnkd.in/eT82Y6p9 here for Emile: https://lnkd.in/etbDDrRc There were only 5 participants, and these are the only 2 models that fulfilled the minimum requirements […]



Using File Chooser in PLE

The File Chooser is only available on the professional version of AnyLogic. But its functionality is very easy to replicate with a little bit of JAVA magic. To illustrate this, I will create this example using a normal button on the Simulation Graphical Editor (before running the simulation) in order to select an Excel file and make[…]



Your agent is too big – Memory Issue

Up to this date with AnyLogic 8.3, there is a bug that doesn’t let you generate an agent that has too many elements. The error is caused by the code generation mechanism creating a large constructor of presentation of Main, violating the Java limitation on the method size. The error thrown by AnyLogic is “The code of method[…]