How to model a robotic arm in Anylogic?

Robotic arms have been a game changer in multiple industries, where each year the use of these, in conjunction with automatic operating algorithms and artificial intelligence, gain more strength. Their productivity, safety and low failure rate make them an interesting alternative. In the modern manufacturing industry, robotic arms have become essential tools in a variety of sectors.[…]



Robotic Arm Library

This library ONLY works with AnyLogic 8.8.5 or superior. If you are using an older version, you will not be able to use this library. You can download the library here: DOWNLOAD If this library was useful to you, consider donating so we can keep developing this and more in the future, click the following link to[…]



Camera Inside an Agent – Possible Problems

Placing a Camera on an Agent The Importance of 3D Animations We all know what 3D animation is, but little is said about how useful it is for the modeler and the stakeholders. An animation can act as a tool for the modeler to correct errors during the development phase, giving access to things that are not[…]



Is System Dynamics Dead or Alive?

I was recently asked if System Dynamics (SD) is dead. And this is in fact an interesting question. In the industry, the use of discrete-events (DE) and agent-based (AB) models vastly surpasses the contribution of SD. And SD seems to be in an eternal struggle to get more popular and it doesn’t seem get enough traction, at[…]



Dynamic batches

Here’s a little trick I use to generate dynamic batches, which are batches that are of dynamic size and where products that need to be batched come in a disorganized fashion. Let’s say for instance that we have to batch products in boxes, and each product has a label with the client and each box can contain[…]