Push vs Pull Protocols

You are developing your discrete events model, and you see your agents moving from one block to the next. Simple right? But have you stopped for a moment to ask yourself why they are even moving? What is that thing that makes them move? If you ask a beginner, the answer will come from pure intuition: “Well, […]



Job Searching Optimization method for jobless people

In a lower degree compared to my simulation consulting work, I sometimes work as a coach to help jobless people find their dream job. For that I use a methodology I created based on different sources that I compiled for years. This methodology is very similar to the best professional help you can ever get so I[…]



How to ask a good question as a client?

Why should I care about good questions? Sometimes you need to get an answer to a question and you may be in a hurry to get an accurate and helpful response, or you may have little resources to pay for an answer to that question. No matter what the reason is, bad questions result in bad answers[…]