Simulations are the Key

All Industries and Topics Covered

As a simulation professional, I have to touch different topics in diverse industries under opposite cultures. I need to learn everything fast, understand the objectives, and be cautious to generate feasible solutions. After hundreds of projects, I still get new types of projects every day. What is yours going to be?

  • Analyze traffic
  • Design new route architectures
  • Optimize traffic lights.
  • Airport logistics
  • Pedestrian flow,
  • Aircraft routes
  • Design and Improve processes
  • Variation analysis
  • Production optimization
  • Improve mining capabilities
  • Resource utilization
  • Shift planning
  • Understand complex systems
  • Diagram causal relationships
  • Qualitative models
  • Define transportation fleet
  • Optimize routes and schedules
  • Cost/Benefit analysis
  • Resource utilization
  • Improve service for clients
  • Reduce waiting times
  • Design a production plant
  • Analyze bulk material
  • Optimize fluid flows
  • Optimize your supply chain
  • Integrate with maps
  • Reduce costs and delivery times
  • Optimize any problem
  • Pseudo-optimal solutions
  • Find best scenarios
  • Evacuation of individuals
  • Space utilization
  • Groups behavior
  • Optimal Control Policy
  • Intelligent algorithms
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Macroeconomic indicators
  • Policy evaluation
  • Analysis per economic sector
  • Electricity networks
  • Grids and Microgrids
  • Evaluation of power sources
  • Consumer behavior
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Brand strategy

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