Tools and templates used to build this website

Since people ask me how I built my website, on this article I will give the tools I used to build it and the services I use for it. Domain To register noorjax.com I used Marcaria. I use this service to register all of the .com domains I have owned in the past. Hosting To host this website, […]



How to ask a good question as a client?

Why should I care about good questions? Sometimes you need to get an answer to a question and you may be in a hurry to get an accurate and helpful response, or you may have little resources to pay for an answer to that question. No matter what the reason is, bad questions result in bad answers[…]



Teach your skills

I remember my first job many many years ago. I was just one month into my career and hit my first moral wall. I had a boss that I thought you can only hear about on legendary myths. I asked her to teach me how to do something she learned in the US in a special certification[…]



As a freelancer, what to do when you have nothing to do?

As freelancers, it is very common to be in a situation where you either finished all your projects or you have projects on hold, or you are waiting for the client’s feedback or you are just waiting for a new project to start. What should you do with your time while this is happening? If you are[…]



How to optimize the cost and quality of your project as a client

It is very common for a client to try to make as little effort as possible to obtain amazing results. It is even natural for a client with little experience to assume when hiring an expert, that the expert will do everything they want with very little information. This has been fed with quotes as “It doesn’t make[…]