As a freelancer, what to do when you have nothing to do?

As freelancers, it is very common to be in a situation where you either finished all your projects or you have projects on hold, or you are waiting for the client’s feedback or you are just waiting for a new project to start. What should you do with your time while this is happening? If you are […]



How to optimize the cost and quality of your project as a client

It is very common for a client to try to make as little effort as possible to obtain amazing results. It is even natural for a client with little experience to assume when hiring an expert, that the expert will do everything they want with very little information. This has been fed with quotes as “It doesn’t make[…]



Complex configuration before running the simulation

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to generate a complex scenario in the simulation experiment but you have no idea how to do it? There are features in AnyLogic that require the simulation model to be on runtime mode in order to work and will not be available in the simulation experiment configuration[…]



Your agent is too big – Memory Issue

Up to this date with AnyLogic 8.3, there is a bug that doesn’t let you generate an agent that has too many elements. The error is caused by the code generation mechanism creating a large constructor of presentation of Main, violating the Java limitation on the method size. The error thrown by AnyLogic is “The code of method[…]