Car Parking Simulation Model Demo

What to expect on a simulation project

On this section we wanted to show an example of results you might get on a simulation project. Often the work includes the simulation model, and data analysis that allows the stakeholder to make strategic decisions, trust the model accuracy and tell a story using the simulation and data. Get started looking at the following video to understand the model before playing with the dashboard parameters and simulation model.

The Model

This model consists of a car parking model with 7 levels and 2 types of floors with automated elevators and automated conveyor-platforms that move cars from a waiting area to a parking spot according to space availability. When the car is requested to leave the parking spot, the automated system will redistribute the cars that are in front of it to other locations in order to retrieve it. The objective is to test multiple scenarios for car arriving and scheduling in order to understand the building utilization, waiting times and other KPIs.

Analysis Dashboard

The dashboard shows several metrics related to the car parking model that help with:

  • Model Validation
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Scenario Comparison