AnyLogic Contest #2 – Forklift Transportation

The competition is over with the winner Maximilian Selmair as the winner, winning $200 with the best model at level 2. Thanks to all the other participantsLevel 2Elie AbboudPatrick WöheAqeel TariqLevel 1Ankit SahayGonzalo Vladimir Contreras Martinez Introduction One of the most common processes in any warehouse is the movement of objects using forklifts, and these forklifts are operated […]



An Internship at Noorjax

Joaquín Guzman recently finished an internship at Noorjax for a total of 2 months, where he was able to support the development of simulation models and the validation of these models using data science techniques. On this post we are briefly describing his activities so if you are interested in an internship, this is what you will[…]