Noorjax Consulting Team

Wanna see who you will work with? Here you will know some of the things we are about.

About Noorjax Consulting

Noorjax Consulting begun its activities in April 2017 through several freelancing platforms such as UpWork, Guru and Fiverr, but was officially registered in Estonia and Chile in 2019. The name Noorjax comes from an old game invented by Felipe when he was around 7 years old. On this game there were hundreds of Football (soccer) teams with particular characteristics and star players. Noorjax was the one that defeated the adversary through perseverance and tenacity, focusing on strategy and team work over individual skills. These characteristics are the ones that should be representative on how Noorjax Consulting tackles any project.

Team Members

Felipe has developed simulation models since the early 2000s, but became an AnyLogic evangelist in 2013 working for PwC. In 2017, after leaving his work at Amazon, he founded Noorjax Consulting and started working as an independent consultant doing simulation models in different freelancing platforms, being a support for students, start-ups, companies, governments and organizations in a vast range of applications. He became popular in the AnyLogic world in particular through his online courses and intensive collaboration in the community.

Read this interview from Business Connect India:

Degrees And Certifications

  • Bachelor in Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering Degree
  • Master in Philosophy in System Dynamics
  • Master in Science in Business Administration
  • Data Science Specialization
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Professional Skills

Multi-Method Simulations with AnyLogic and Vensim
Agile Methodologies - Kanban and Scrum
Data Science
Management and Business Consulting
Lean Six Sigma
Deep Reinforcement Learning

Video Interview

You want to know more about me and my work? I was interviewed by The AnyLogic Modeler on a Skype call in November 2021. This conversation is one hour long but there is also a shorter version. Check the blog spot with all the information.

Podcast Interview

Wanna know more about me? I was interviewed by Benjamin Schumann in the SimTalk podcast. This conversation is one hour long but I talk about everything I have done and how I became the freelancer I am today.

Follow this link to listen to it:

Top AnyLogic User

StackOverflow is a website that answers questions in a wide variety of topics. Each topic is defined by a tag, and each tag has its own statistics. People who help more in a particular topic gather points that add up to a general score. Being in the top ranking is a clear indicator of being knowledgeable in the topic. Currently I am number 1 in the world for the AnyLogic tag.

Follow this link to check the top users for the AnyLogic tag:

Top Rated Freelancer

I use several freelancer platforms to get projects, and UpWork is the largest and most popular one of them. The best freelancers gain the status of “top rated”, and UpWork demands the completion of several different requirements that are related to costumer satisfaction and quality of deliveries. In this platform I have been top rated for years, and I generally have a level of 97-100% job satisfaction, which is something relatively rare.

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is an on-demand global marketplace, where exceptional, hand-vetted sellers can offer their services to engaged business buyers. To become a pro on this platform, you have to be hand-picked by the Fiverr team and show great proficiency in your craft. I am currently the only AnyLogic professional with this status in the Fiverr marketplace.

Soheila Antar

Simulations Engineer
Soheila has worked in the construction industry since 2009 as a structural engineer. In 2017, she pursued her master’s studies in construction management where she discovered the simulations world and used AnyLogic as a fundamental part of her Thesis. She graduated in 2019 and started working in Noorjax Consulting in December 2021.
Soheila is also an instructor at Phoenicia University and Al Maaref University

Joaquín Guzman

Business Analyst
Joaquín is an Industrial Engineer from Chile. He worked as a teacher assistant for simulations and applied statistics in the “Universidad Católica del Norte”. He started working for Noorjax Consulting in January 2022.


Dzenana Musovic

Graphic Designer
Dzenana Musovic is a graphic designer from the Faculty of Design and Multimedia at the University of Donja Gorica, and specialized at the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Mediterranean University. Before working with Noorjax Consulting, she was employed at the Montenegrin Cinematheque in Podgorica and at Perigon Group in Yerevan. She started working to support graphic design efforts in August 2022.