AnyLogic Contest #1- Bulk Transportation

Bulkdozer Transportation – AnyLogic Contest

The AnyLogic contest #1 is over and we are pleased to announce the winners Emile Zankoul and Pavel Lelis who won $100 usd each. The models they created can be found
here for Pavel:

here for Emile:

There were only 5 participants, and these are the only 2 models that fulfilled the minimum requirements and passed the functional tests.

Even though the participation was low, we will do more of these competitions in the future.

Thanks for all the other participants who spent time doing their models
Aqeel Tariq
ManiKandan M
Abtin Ijadi Maghsoodi

The idea of the exercise is simple. You have to move bulk from one location to a different location in a natural realistic way using bulldozers. It’s ok to use the Dozer 3D object in AnyLogic for this.

You can watch the video that states all the requirements and examples on how the model should look like on this video:


  • Bulldozers must be transporters from the MHL, or resources from the Process modeling library, meaning that something needs to seize them (can be a bulk batch or a bulk collecting request, or something else)
  • The bulk that is present in the initial location needs to be the same as the one present in the final location. No teleportation, disappearance or transformation of bulk allowed.
  • All bulldozers can take bulk at the same time if they are in the pick-up location at the same time.
  • All bulldozers can deposit bulk at the same time if they are in the deposit location at the same time.
  • All bulk has to be transported between 2 locations entirely
  • Animation in 3D is required with clear visualization on the bulk present inside the bulldozer (but you can represent things any way you want)
  • Has to run from PLE 8.7.10, without using any custom libraries


  • Number of bulldozers (the model should work with any amount)
  • Amount of bulk in the initial location (there’s only 1 source of bulk, but for modeling purposes, you are allowed to divide it)
  • Bulk capacity of bulldozers (each bulldozer needs to carry the maximum capacity in each round, except for the last batch collected)
  • Rate in which a bulldozer can collect bulk (for instance, it can take 20 seconds to collect 1 ton of bulk and this value needs to remain consistent no matter how many bulldozers are loading at the same time)
  • Rate in which a bulldozer can deposit bulk (same thing applies here)

How to participate

  • Upload the model to the anylogic cloud allowing the download of the source files, or to any other file sharing platform that makes it easy to download it.
  • Send an email to with the link to the anylogic source files. Also send information about yourself, your linkedin profile if you have one, and your paypal/payoneer information.


  • The payment will be done using paypal or payoneer
  • $100USD to the model that looks the best according to the judges subjective opinion
  • $100USD to the model that from the judges subjective opinion, has the cleanest/most elegant modeling solution to all the requirements
  • Each price can be split into a maximum of 2 if solutions are really close in terms of quality.
  • If nobody is able to provide a full solution, 50% of the price will be sent to the closest solution according to the judges subjective opinion
  • Deadline: Sunday February 19th 2022 at 23:59, UK time

The Judges are the members of Noorjax Consulting. You can see who they are here:

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If there is enough interest, there will be more competitions with higher prices in the future.
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