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Teach your skills

I remember my first job many many years ago. I was just one month into my career and hit my first moral wall. I had a boss that I thought you can only hear about on legendary myths. I asked her to teach me how to do something she learned […]


Bugs And Workarounds

Using File Chooser in PLE

The File Chooser is only available on the professional version of AnyLogic. But its functionality is very easy to replicate with a little bit of JAVA magic. To illustrate this, I will create this example using a normal button on the Simulation Graphical Editor (before running the simulation) in order[…]



Test your model!!!

You just built a model, everything works perfectly well and suddenly you have a request for a change (minor or major). You make the change; run the model and things look good. But how can you be sure that the model is working well in all possible cases? The larger[…]



An example on the use of Classes vs Agents in AnyLogic

When you are a JAVA developer, it is common to use classes to work with objects. But AnyLogic provides Agents, that are basically predefined classes with several built-in functionalities to work with entities in a simulation model. A beginner user will always use agents because with them it is very[…]


Bugs And Workarounds

Your agent is too big – Memory Issue

Up to this date with AnyLogic 8.3, there is a bug that doesn’t let you generate an agent that has too many elements. The error is caused by the code generation mechanism creating a large constructor of presentation of Main, violating the Java limitation on the method size. The error thrown[…]