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General Requirements for a Simulation Project

When potential clients (whether it’s a student or a large organization) reach us to make a simulation model, they often ask, before sending any requirement, what does this requirement need to have, in order to be complete enough to evaluate costs, feasibilty and timeline. In 2018, we wrote an article […]



AnyLogic Contest #2 – Forklift Transportation

The competition is over with the winner Maximilian Selmair as the winner, winning $200 with the best model at level 2. Thanks to all the other participantsLevel 2Elie AbboudPatrick WöheAqeel TariqLevel 1Ankit SahayGonzalo Vladimir Contreras Martinez Introduction One of the most common processes in any warehouse is the movement of objects[…]



An Internship at Noorjax

Joaquín Guzman recently finished an internship at Noorjax for a total of 2 months, where he was able to support the development of simulation models and the validation of these models using data science techniques. On this post we are briefly describing his activities so if you are interested in[…]



AnyLogic Contest #1- Bulk Transportation

Bulkdozer Transportation – AnyLogic Contest The AnyLogic contest #1 is over and we are pleased to announce the winners Emile Zankoul and Pavel Lelis who won $100 usd each. The models they created can be found here for Pavel: here for Emile: There were only 5 participants, and these are the only[…]



Camera Inside an Agent – Possible Problems

Placing a Camera on an Agent The Importance of 3D Animations We all know what 3D animation is, but little is said about how useful it is for the modeler and the stakeholders. An animation can act as a tool for the modeler to correct errors during the development phase,[…]



Is System Dynamics Dead or Alive?

I was recently asked if System Dynamics (SD) is dead. And this is in fact an interesting question. In the industry, the use of discrete-events (DE) and agent-based (AB) models vastly surpasses the contribution of SD. And SD seems to be in an eternal struggle to get more popular and[…]



how to get free help?

For some reason, I usually get bombarded with people requesting me to help them with their AnyLogic projects for free. Sometimes I suspect people think I’m an AnyLogic customer service representative. But, I’m not. I have generally very little free time, and the free time I have, I spend time[…]