Cars and Pipes – Effect of water problems on road traffic

Challenge In some cities, the water that is consumed in homes is transported through pipes from the reservoirs and stored in different tanks on the way to redistribute to neighborhoods. These pipes are present below streets where vehicle traffic flows, meaning that if a road has problems and requires fixing, it will affect the pipes below it, […]



Bus Depot – Diesel vs Electric

Challenge The task was to simulate the internal operation of a planned Bus Depot under two different scenarios, each one with different nuances in how they worked (such as number of buses, traffic distributions in time or fuel quantity). The first scenario was to develop the current situation with buses using Diesel arriving to the depot, filling[…]



School Traffic Analysis

Challenge The client, a school in Harare, Zimbabwe was looking for a new location for the new school buildings, and in one particular location, the concern was about the fact that dropping the kids by car in the morning was going to cause great chaos in the surrounding streets and problems with the neighborhood. The objective of[…]



Platoon Vehicles

Platoon Challenge This client wanted to prove the hypothesis that using an automated high quality car as the leader of a platoon of other automated cars in a highway is better in terms of safety and speed compared to using a manual truck or bus driven by a human as the leader. Solution In AnyLogic, the Road[…]



Traffic Intersection

Traffic Intersection Challenge The objective of this simulation was to compare traffic flow and waiting times using optimized fixed traffic light timings against intelligent traffic lights using cameras to process the position and speed of the cars present in each side of the intersection. Each side of the intersection has five lanes: two of them will allow[…]